About Us

About Us

With the combination of a burning desire to want more out of life and my brother Edmund’s vision, I started Treasure Coast Photo Booth. Treasure Coast Photo Booth is a family-owned photo booth rental company that treasures family and life’s special moments. We love seeing people happy and capturing those moments. We specialize in creating unforgettable memories for each of our customers. Our goal is to provide exceptional service, and high-quality prints while providing a fun time for you and your guests. Our Mirror X Photo Booth will make a great addition to your event. Let’s make some memories for you that will last a lifetime.

Treasure Coast Photo Booth was created in memorium with the intention of giving people a physical memory they can access at any time to revive their hearts with nostalgia and happiness. We’re driven by the passion of giving your sentiments permanence.

Family enjoying Photo Booth
Birthday Party In Photo booth

Mission Statement

Birthday Party In Photo booth

Treasure Life’s Special Moments One Picture At A Time.

Company Philosophy

Photographs are timeless and hold the power to transform memories into live playbacks of an unforgettable moment. Hence, we believe a picture doesn’t speak a thousand words; it stops and rewinds time, encapsulating a memory and projects a thousand more.

What sets this company apart from others

To put it plainly, our approach considers the sentiment of observing a photo and wishing you had taken a couple more to grasp the essence of your ecstasy. So why look back and wish you had snapped that second photograph when our photo booth rentals are made to do just that?

We put our heart into our motivation and encourage you to take as many photos as your heart desires, without worrying about running out of storage on your phone! After all, nothing compares to holding a time capsule in your hands that is easily portable.

Client-Business Relationship

Our team is itching to have their creative buzz flow out of the box and into your event with a custom design. We want to hear your creative ideas, and deliver to you a photo booth that compliments your vision!

With our interactive animations, digital and printing options, customized backgrounds and a whole other extensive multitude of features, we have watched our clients reinvent fun with the Mirror X Booth; capturing the good time without any worries of it having to end.

Treasure Coast Photo Booth designs and delivers a customized photo booth that fits right into your space. With us, you can freeze all your greatest moments without missing a blink!

Photo booths are a fantastic hit in upscaling an event. Everyone wants a moment in the spotlight at an event they don’t ever want to forget! Our process of arranging a one-of-a-kind photo booth to go with your event’s theme blends right into the scene allowing you an enhanced scale of joy.

The steps to get your hands on a photo booth to make your event stellar is as exciting and simple as pushing the capture button on a camera