Much like the plethora of photos you’ll get to reminisce your thrilling moments with, we offer an array of photo booth types to elevate your party’s theme. Which is the best one to choose from you ask? Good question, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

No matter which photo booth package you choose, we make sure its design is straight out of your dreams.

One photograph is not enough to capture a good time.

Whoever said time travelling is not possible certainly never took a memorable photograph.

Photo Booth accesories
New married couple in wedding service


New married couple in wedding service

As a bride, or groom, you deserve to have photos captured with the true essence of emotions felt by everyone. A professional photographer may snap the shots you’d compose into an album or have framed for your home, but who will take pictures of everyone’s soul? That’s where Treasure Coast Photo Booth comes in!

Everyone adores a candid moment, and we’ve got the goods for it. Your photo booth will arrive exactly on time –taking away any stress- and blend right into your venue. Unlike photographers, we let your beauty shine through Mirror X Booth’s free touch up features.

By the end of your night, there will be hundreds of photos you’ll get to see, real and true! Each of your guests can leave you pictures of their design, documenting their experience from your special night.

Birthday Parties

Birthday party cake with candles

You want to man the camera to make sure you’re getting all the good shots, but you also need to be in front of the camera, so if you’re constantly focusing on taking the pictures, how will you be in the moment and live it?

We’re taking away the hassle of feeling conflicted between being behind or in front of the camera and being in the moment! Our wide range of photo booth options cover the photography job you want. You can be in the moment the entire night and effortlessly watch the photos roll through and see all the best moments already captured for you!

The kid friendly and easy-to-use mechanism installed into our photo booths make them suitable for all ages and worthy for every party!

Client-Business Relationship

Our team is itching to have their creative buzz flow out of the box and into your event with a custom design. We want to hear your creative ideas, and deliver to you a photo booth that compliments your vision!

With our interactive animations, digital and printing options, customized backgrounds and a whole other extensive multitude of features, we have watched our clients reinvent fun with the Mirror X Booth capturing the good time without any worries of it having to end.